Tree and Shrub Pruning

Pruning not only improves overall appearance of trees and shrubs but improves overall health and safety.


Cables prevent trees from splitting apart on their own or during a windstorm.  This helps keep the tree safe, prolong the life of the tree, and the cables themselves are almost completely inconspicuous.



Bombaci Tree Experts offers deep root fertilizing.  This liquid fertilizer is injected directly into the ground, into the root zone of the tree for the best possible result.


Pest Sprays

Pest prevention includes sprays for deer, ticks, and other various leaf-chewing insects.  Sprays can prevent infestations, and eliminate existing infestations.  Maintaining a pest free environment is safer for both people and trees and shrubs.


Hemlock Sprays

Due to the infestation of the Hemlock Wooly Adelgid approximately 15 years ago, it has become extremely important to maintain the health of the surviving Hemlocks.  Hemlock sprays kill this insect and prevent further damage.  This spray is completely non-toxic to humans.

Tree Removal

Dead and dying trees are not only unsightly, they can be dangerous.  Bombaci Tree Experts removes trees using a low impact method that does not harm the property or other surrounding trees.


Stump Removal

Removing Stumps creates a more aesthetically pleasing landscape.


All brush is chipped and removed promptly to eliminate customer clean-up.


Crane Service

Bombaci Tree Experts has, on premises, a 28 ton, 113 foot, hydraulic, telescopic crane. 






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